About Ample Property Solutions

Ample Property Solutions understands that property is Australia’s most powerful asset class, playing a significant role in influencing wealth creation for Australians both now and in the past. The history Australians have with property is a well-known one, yet only one in ten Australian adults invest in property and less than one per cent of adult Australians have more than two properties in their investment portfolio.

The Ample Property Solution’s team is experienced and works alongside a network of industry leading professional service providers including financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, real estate agencies, investment firms and legal professionals in order to provide investor clients with access to diverse property investment solutions across the country. Our team is backed by a strong combination of industry expertise, experience and relationships that ensures the best outcome is achieved.

“As your personal property advisors we show clients how simple it is to start with one property, then show you how to roll the equity and positive cash-flow into multiple properties, each time building wealth AND a better future. Doing all we can to keep the Australian dream alive.”

about ample property

Our team is backed by a strong combination of
industry expertise & experience

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Who Is Joe Dirani

Joe Dirani is a Successful Entrepreneur, Published Author, Property Investment Specialist, Master Time Line Therapist, Investor and a strong diverse background in business. Joe has set big goals & ambitions with his main purpose in life is to positively impact, inspire and empower over a million people’s lives Australia wide and globe, wanting to be part of the reasons why people change and take control of their lives and their future.

Joe is a Family man, he is very passionate about helping and guiding people, showing them a better way of life. At a young age Joe Dirani put his own interest aside to help his parents and family through a devastating financial loss in 2008 when the GFC hit Australia, which set his family back. 

Joe Dirani is not your average businessman… he’s full of energy and life, creating a fun and long-term partnership with everyone he works with. As a Wealth Creation Specialist, Joe Dirani provides everyday Australians with education, coaching, mentoring and guidance to secure people’s financial futures through investing in property, the right way and the most educated way.

Having already accomplished so much success at a young age Joe Dirani has bought, sold and run businesses such as Foodworks stores, Friendly Grocer’s and the most recent being a coffee shop in the mid Blue Mountains. While running businesses Joe also built a passion for investing in multiple investment properties.

Joe Dirani’s family and business ethics are paramount to his success; he values the support of his beautiful wife Nouha and the love their three daughters Aleena, Rukayah and Sireena in keeping him grounded.